Reiki Healing, Energy Balancing and Clearing

Energy is all around. Everything on the earth is connected energetically.

We may not be able to see it but often we can feel and absorb the waves of energetic differences caused by our own emotions and from others. We all have an electromagnetic energy field (or aura), a field of energy surrounding and penetrating our physical bodies, so we may sense subtle sensations – but on occasion we may feel a stronger wave of energy that affects us in detrimental ways.

Often, we are able to pick up on energetic sensations when walking into a room – after a heated argument or happy celebration, or just a feeling of heaviness in the air without any obvious cause. If you are sensitive to other people’s emotions, for example when you are talking to someone who is very sad or joyful, you may then unwillingly carry that sadness with you or be energised by their joy which can then affect your day accordingly.

There are times when we are feeling a bit off or unsettled, we’re noticing that we are possessing characteristics or emotions that we don’t feel belong to us. It could be that our energy is out of balance due to an event, emotion or situation that has affected us directly – our body’s defence is vulnerable due to illness, an accident, shock or through drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

On occasion we may be aware of a much stronger energy not belonging to us which has attached itself to or within our energy field, that is causing us to experience more extreme and unusual reactions, such as impulsive behaviour, mood swings and character changes, hearing disturbing voices, a sudden lack of energy, anxiety, depression or physical problems with no apparent cause. These intrusive energy attachments could be an earthbound spirit, dark energy, nature spirit, or psychic attack. Whether they are attached to you, your home or a place of work, the effects on your life can be debilitating.

During an Energy Balancing session, using guided relaxation, I will relax your body and mind, cleanse your chakras and clear your body of any intrusive negativity. I will scan your body for imbalances and blockages, then cleansing your body and auric field, using Reiki, energy healing and crystals help restore your body’s balance. You will leave the session feeling grounded and refreshed and have knowledge of protection techniques to reinforce your natural protection.

During the Distance Energy Healing session I will create an energy ‘bridge’ to flow Reiki healing energy directly to you for general relaxation, cleansing and clearing your body for balance or direct healing onto a specific area of issue.

Releasing Intrusive Energy and Spirits is a comfortable, safe and simple process of removing an unwanted energy or spirit attachment. During the session, I will try to find the root cause of why the energy was able to attach in the first place as it may be an indicator of something deeply buried within us which also needs healing. I will end the session by guiding you through a protection routine to help prevent the problem reoccurring. I will also teach you grounding and protection techniques to reinforce your natural protection to prevent more attachments in the future.

I can also separately perform Energy clearing for your home, which involves me using tools and techniques to clear and balance the energies. You may be noticing occurrences in your home that you can’t explain; moving objects, hearing noises, feeling cold spots or feel like you are being watched. You may be struggling to sell or settle into your home, or you and or child’s sleep patterns are affected, electrical items may be playing up or your energy is generally depleted whilst at home. I perform a thorough cleanse of the property, bringing a fresh, calm and peaceful feel to which people often remark how much they notice the difference in themselves and their family, including their pets! Once complete I will place a protection around your home and land, also providing you with a leaflet listing ideas to help you keep your home cleansed and protected.

Please note that the energies not belonging to you (or your home) will be sensitively released and gently guided to a more suitable place.  The releasement of earthbound spirits is healing for both you and the energy that has become stuck. Far from being scary, most releases are actually quite peaceful, full of information, understanding, humour and love. These energies can often be the consciousness of those that have gone through physical death and have not continued over to the spirit realm. Often, they do not realize that they are stuck or know how to change their situation, but once this is resolved they are happy to move on to their home in the light.

Session Fees

Energy Balancing and Spirit Releasement £75 per session : Allow for 1-1.5 hours

Distance Energy Balancing and Spirit Releasement£40 per session : Allow for 1 hour

(Please note that Energy Healing sessions over Skype/Zoom are available with a 10% discount.)

Energy clearing for your home, land and person is charged from £100-£300 per visit depending of size and location of premises and time spent: Allow for 2-4 hours


‘I received distance healing from Sara to help ease the back pain I was experiencing due to my physical job. My lower back pain went from an 8-9/10 to a 0 overnight! I highly recommend.’

– ML, Australia

Sara visited my home and provided a lovely professional service. We had our house cleansed by Sara, who was very sensitive to our home environment and respectful of how we live. The results of the cleansing have been numerous, we have achieved a calmer, peaceful and happier setting. My little boy in particular has benefited from Sara’s influence. He is sleeping better and more at ease in his personal space.

Sara provides a service which really enhances your home and I can thoroughly recommend her talents.

– CA, Stroud

The last time I saw Sara was for a ghostly reason. I had been smelling smoke all over my house and nobody else could smell it. There had been many strange goings on around the house which my husband and daughter had also seen and heard.
Sara cleared the house of spirits of a family who had died in a fire, and also cleared me of a spirit attachment of a lost vicar! Then she cleansed the whole house, which has been so peaceful since her last visit.

– NW, Stroud