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Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy allows access to the source of the issue, either through the current or past life. Using Hypnotherapy techniques I will safely guide you through past events allowing the opportunity to reduce the emotional impact of past traumatic memories, heal past physical wounding using body therapy, resolve conflicts by retrieving higher-mind information, and balance energetic disturbances.

Everyone’s experience of Regression Therapy will vary – some may see things very clearly, others may just get more of a sense of what is happening. There are no expectations and you will be guided to get the most out of your session.

Current Life Regression helps you heal from past experiences that, although they have shaped us into who we are today, may be continuing to negatively affect you in your body, relationships, self-esteem and confidence. The body and subconscious may be holding onto the memory of experiences which are affecting your health and emotional resilience. I will use techniques that can profoundly and sensitively help release the issue from your subconscious memory.

The Current Life session may include Inner Child therapy, a beautiful and profound healing process whereby you go to the source of the emotion or self-belief, which is most often in the first 7 years of life, but sometimes as early as from within the womb. By addressing the experience at the source, you are then able to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and situations. It can then help prevent emotional triggers and physical reactions caused by childhood wounding – giving you the freedom to live, parent, work and navigate your relationships with self-love, compassion and peace.

With Past Life Regression you may see it or feel it as a ‘real’ past life or as a metaphor – having a belief in reincarnation is not a necessity, as either way it is a deeply healing and fascinating journey. You may discover that your current limiting beliefs, body pain, phobias and discord with certain people all stem from a past life. Your ultimate benefit from the sessions is gaining understanding and wisdom so that you can move through and overcome the issues that are hindering you in your current life.

Past Life Regression Therapy by Proxy – It is not ethically sound to regress people who are infirm or under 16, you may, however, have a family member you feel could benefit from Regression Therapy. I am experienced in working with clients who, on permission from the loved one, can be regressed as a proxy on their behalf. The session differs in that we connect to the relevant person’s higher mind through deep hypnosis and you then follow the process as the ‘host’.

For those just curious, or perhaps beginning their spiritual journey, I also offer a Positive Past Life journey and Meet your Spirit Guide session – during which you are able to experience a past life which can help you to tap into unconscious skills and strengths and meeting your guide can provide profound insights into your true soul nature, along with feelings of self-love and belonging. These sessions can provide a gentle beginning to your journey of self-discovery with Regression Therapy.

During the Appointment

Within each session you will be made comfortable and, after any questions you may have, I will then lead you into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation where you’ll be able to quieten the conscious mind and access the subconscious mind. At no point during the session are you not in control and I will sensitively lead you through the process.

At the end of the session, I will provide a deep healing and energetic cleansing, bringing you gradually into a refreshed, grounded and peaceful wakefulness.

Afterwards, I will provide time for any questions you may have and can discuss a summary of the session before you carry on with your day. On request I can later forward a recording of the session via email.

Session Fees


‘The process was interesting in that it allowed me to consider issues and incidents that maybe I’d previously taken for granted or tried not to think about but was able to safely see them from a different perspective than that of a child. I quite enjoy allowing the sessions to flow without having any previous knowledge or expectations as it allows me to be present and authentic in my responses.

Sara is able to calm the mind and allow new perspectives on long held feelings and beliefs. I felt safe and able to be authentic without judgement or shame. I have found Sara to be thoughtful, encouraging and with a genuine desire to help others find their peace.’

– JJ, Bristol

‘I feel that the session has had a profound effect on me. The feelings of underlying sadness, anxiety, tension, etc. seem to be less or non-existent. I feel quite happy at the moment and my partner said I am smiling more. 

I have noticed that I feel lighter and that something has shifted for me. I have also noticed that I feel far more present.

The session itself was very well conducted and I was made to feel at ease and comfortable.

I am very grateful to you.’

– MT, Stroud

‘[Sara used] regression therapy which helped my fear of water and the sea so I can now enjoy the seaside and boat trips and wild swimming.  This was my first experience and it was wonderful, due to Sara’s kind and caring nature.

After my first session I needed help with my little daughter who was struggling to adapt to school life. I mentioned this to Sara and she suggested hypnosis by proxy. Where she would regress me to help my daughter on a higher spiritual plane. I thought that this was a great idea and meant I could help my daughter in every way.  [The result] was amazing and we saw change happen immediately.’

– NW, Stroud
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